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Student Management

From an online referral system and easy-to-use gradebooks to behavior goal-setting and data tracking, we offer a variety of modules for student management at the school and district levels.


Observation and Feedback

From online accountability memos to observation forms and instantaneous feedback, our teacher-based modules are geared towards helping principals and curriculum coaches improve teachers' craft.


Data Management

Most schools and districts have a mayriad of programs they use, one for each application. This leads to data fragmentation and an inefficient use of resources. We solve that by combing all of your data in one place.


Currently educators look at data separately. They will look at assessment data to see which kids are proficient and which kids are struggling. They will look at attendance data to see which kids are coming to school and which kids are truant. They will look at discipline data to see which kids are behaving and which kids are acting out. So the data looks a lot like a collection of graphs with no relation to each other.


edhub is built around 3 beliefs about data:

  1. Data should be easy to input.
  2. Data should be easy to analyze.
  3. Data should be available to all stakeholders.
When you use edhub, data no longer lives in isolated chunks. Instead, each child has a multitude of data points that can be analyzed at one time, presenting educators with a richer, clearer picture of what is truly happening in classrooms and schools.

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